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There are many law firms in New Jersey, but only Watson, Stevens, Rutter & Roy, LLP (Watson Stevens) has focused its practice primarily on the complex areas of energy, infrastructure planning and environmental regulation. We began representing our first energy client in 1950, and are now widely thought of by various municipalities, counties, and applicable state regulatory agencies to be the state's go-to firm for interstate natural gas pipeline projects.

New Jersey is considered the most highly regulated state, with a myriad of ever-changing and overlapping environmental and land use regulations. Working with agencies and departments on the local, county and state level requires a legal team with established and effective planning and streamlining strategies. Watson Stevens knows how to move swiftly through the red tape unique to New Jersey, saving our clients both time and resources.

We have been evolving and perfecting our proven strategies for over 100 years. Established in 1909, the firm represented several high-profile companies and clients, some of whom built the infrastructure that New Jersey still relies upon. From there, the firm became one of a limited number of law firms in the nation concentrating on interstate natural gas pipeline projects. Watson Stevens is now helping this generation's companies navigate through the energy and environmental challenges of today.

You will quickly see Watson Stevens is not a typical law firm. We often serve as strategic counselors, to Fortune 500 and local corporations alike, through every aspect of a project, helping planners and managers avoid costly delays. Watson Stevens works so closely with its clients that we are often considered a natural extension of the companies we serve.

Watson Stevens clients benefit from years of experience and trusted judgment in very concentrated areas of the law. We invite you to learn more about what our firm has to offer, and why our professional, trustworthy, and seasoned team may be the right choice to assist you in fulfilling your company's legal and project planning needs.


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